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Applications with Satisfactory Determination by the Director

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Application Name
10037 Omaha CSO Program 2023
10040 Lake Babcock Capacity Study
10041 UNWNRD Groundwater Model Update
10056 WP 2 & 4
10059 Robotic Camera Inspection System
10060 Check and Wasteway Gate Operators Automation
10062 Finalization of the Groundwater Managers Platform
10064 LPNNRD Nitrates Legacy Assessment
10066 LBNRD Public Water Project
10069 Kirkmans Cove Water Quality Improvement Projects
10070 Lower Platte River Basin Sub Regional GW Modeling
10072 Pine Lake Rehabilitation Project
10073 MUD Water Conservation and Peak Demand Management
10075 Remote Telemetry Upgrades on Flow Meters
10077 Producer Connect Nitrogen Water Management Tool
10078 Satellite Based Fertigation Scheduling
10079 Bow Creek Watershed Project
10080 Butte Pilot Study and Media Replacement Project


Application Name
10007 Omaha CSO Program
10008 WWUM Public Outreach Educational Portal and Modeling Update
10011 Lower Platte River Basin Sub Regional Groundwater Modeling
10012 Little Blue NRD Hydrogeologic Assessment
10013 Little Indian Creek Watershed Flood Prevention and Operations WFPO
10014 Developing a Truly Sustainable Solution to Nitrate Contamination in the Drinking Water Supply throughout Lower Platte North NRD
10015 Nemaha Natural Resources District NNRD Airborne Electromagnetic AEM Mapping
10018 Village of PenderIon Exchange Media Vessel Refurbishment
10020 Lower Loup NRD Buffalo County Area Groundwater Model
10023 Sargent Flood Resiliency Project
10027 West Branch Papillion Creek Regional Detention Structures WP 2 and WP 4
10035 CKRWP Source Solution and System Upgrades
10036 Lower Big Blue NRD Airborne Electromagnetic Hydrogeologic Mapping LBBNRD AEM1


Application Name
5308 Omaha CSO Program
5309 Omaha CSO Program 2021
5310 Hooper Pipeline
5311 LPSNRD 3-D Hydrologic Framework
5312 ENWRA GW Recharge Mapping
5313 LLNRD Nance County Aquifer Mapping
5314 MLPP&ID Flow Measurement & Efficiency
5315 MRNRD Map & Model for Water Balance
5316 Papio's IMP GW Quantity Monitoring
5317 CNPP&ID Elwood Siphon
5318 Papio's WP-4
5319 TPNRD Data Collection & Modeling - Phase 2
5320 Whitney Siphon Repair
5321 Lincoln Water Supply Arsenic Study
5322 UBBNRD Nitrate Accumulation Study
5323 MNNRD Bone & Lone Pine Watershed Improvement


Application Name
5269 NPPD's SP Supply Canal Restoration
5283 WWUM Dashboard App
5301 URNRD Soil Moisture Probe
5303 Papio & LPN NRD's 3D AEM Framework
5304 TPNRD Aquifer Monitoring
5305 Inglewood Flood Repair
5306 Peru Water Supply


Application Name
 5223 South Sioux City Water Tower
5238 P-MNRD AEM Survey
5240 McCool Junction Water Quality Improvement
5241 UBBNRD Allocation Software
5242 TPNRD Data Collection & Modeling
5243 LENRD Groundwater Model
5244 LLNRD Drought Management Plan
5246 Omaha CSO Program
5247 West Point Levee Improvement
5249 MRNRD Hydrogeologic Mapping
5250 Papillion Levee Accreditation
5252 Blair Water Supply Resiliency
5253 Deadmans Run Flood Reduction
5255 NEMAHA NRD AEM Mapping
5256 Platte Center Water Quality Improvement


Application Name
5205 Omaha Combined Sewer Overflow Program
5206 LLNRD Aquifer Mapping Project
5207 Farwell Irr Dist - Bury Lateral 8.3
5208 LBBNRD GW Sustainability Mgt Plan
5209 LLNRD Cover Crop Water Use Study
5210 LLNRD Drought Mgt Plan
5211 Malcolm's Aquifer Assessment
5213 FCID Phase 2 Rubicon
5214 CPNRD Conceptual Multi-use Dam Design
5215 LENRD Sub-Regional GW Model
5216 MRNRD Hydro-geologic Mapping Project
5217 Papio NRD's WP-1 Structure
5218 SPNRD WWUM Update & Extension
5220 MRNRD Phase 2 High Tech Irr Implementation Project
5221 URNRD Remote Monitoring
5222 URNRD Soil Moisture Probe Program


Application Name
 5178 City of Omaha Combined Sewer Overflow Program
5179 City of Lincoln Research and Data Collection for a Supplemental Water Supply
5180 SID #1 Clay County 2017
5181 LRNRD Platte Republican Diversion
5182 MRNRD High Tech Irrigation Implementation Phase 2
5184 URNRD Groundwater Modeling Project
5185 URNRD Groundwater Preservation and Stream Flow Enhancement Program
5187 Nebraska Bostwick Storage Enhancement and Retiming Project
5188 CPNRD Modeling Nitrate Transport in the Vadose Zone
5189 ENWRA Eastern Nebraska Aquifer Framework Mapping
5191 URNRD Real Time Water Management and Preservation Project
5192 UNL Quantifying the Impact of Eastern Redcedar Encroachment on Recharge in the Nebraska Sandhills
5193 PMRNRD GeoScene 3D aquifer characterization of Western Sarpy County
5194 CPNRD Water Banking and Irrigation Retirement Program
5195 LLNRD Columbus Area Recharge Project
5196 CPNRD Drought Management Plan and Local Drought Monitor
5197 LBNRD Oxbow Reconnections for Groundwater Recharge
5198 NPPD River Flow Augmentation Delivery Structures
5199 UNL Statewide Weather Monitoring for Nebraska
5200 CPNRD Measurement of Growing Season Actual Crop Evapotranspiration, Cropcoefficients and Dormant Season Evaporative Losses for K
5201 LPNNRD Wahoo Creek Detention Sites 26 and 27


Application Name
4145 NPNRD Soil-Moisture Study
4146 LBNRD Instream Weir Stabilization/Recharge Pilot Project
4147 LBNRD Low-head Embankment Stabilization/Recharge Pilot Project
4148 Omaha CSO Program
4149 Agriculture BMP Effectiveness & Assessment Too
4150 Quantifying Effects of Eastern Redcedar on Sandhills Recharge
4151 Lower Platte River Drought Contingency Plan
4152 Lincoln Water System Drought Resiliency and Flood ProtectionLENRD Aquifer Framework Mapping
4153 LENRD Aquifer Framework Mapping
4154 CPNRD Streamflow Enhancement Program
4155 LRNRD Management Action Opportunities Project
4156 Modeling Groundwater Recharge in the Unsaturated Zone
4157 LBBNRD Groundwater Management for Sustainability
4158 LPSNRD Aero Electromagnetic Mapping
4159 MRNRD High Tech Irrigation Implementation
4160 Mitchell Wastewater Improvements - 2016
4161 GeoScene 3D aquifer characterizations of Western Sarpy County
4162 Pokorny Dam Rehabilitation - Howells
4164 GeoCloud and Airborne Electromagnetic (AEM) Data Integration
4165 Streamflow Enhancement and Retiming
4166 MLPP&ID Canal Flow Measurement and Recharge Quantification
4169 URNRD Groundwater Monitoring and Preservation Project
4170 FCID Storage Enhancement and Retiming Project
4173 URNRD Groundwater Modeling Project
4174 URNRD Moisture Monitoring Program
4175 URNRD Water Bank
4177 West Branch Papillion Creek Structures WP 6 & WP 7
4179 L&CNRD Aero Electromagnetics II


Application Name
4116 Omaha Combined Sewer Overflow
4117 Hastings Aquifer Storage and Restoration Project
4118 CPNRD Estimating Recharge
4119 NPNRD Groundwater Retirement Program*
4121 SPNRD Western Water Use Model
4122 LENRD Water and Soil Conservation
4123 CNPPID E65 Canal Lining Project
4124 CPNRD Groundwater Mgmt. Plan Review
4125 ENWRA Aquifer Sampling
4126 PMRNRD Platte and Elkhorn Monitoring
4129 Loup Basin Recl. Dist. Middle Loup Streamflow Enhancement
4132 LPSNRD Aquifer Framework Mapping
4133 UENRD Bazile GWMA Aerial Electromagnetic Survey
4134 CPNRD Platte Advanced Hydrogeologic Frameworks
4135 LPNNRD Groundwater Management
4137 PMRNRD West Branch Papillion Creek Structures*
4138 Mitchell Wastewater Treatment Systems Improvements
4140 PMRNRD Sarpy County Aquifer Mapping*
4141 LENRD Aquifer Framework Mapping*
4142 LPNNRD Aquifer Framework Mapping*
4143 LCNRD Aquifer Framework Mapping
4144 LLNRD Aquifer Framework Mapping*