Commission Members & Interests

Members Elected Representing River Basins



Rollie Amsberry

Loup River Basin

Dave Deines

North Platte River Basin

Larry Bradley

River Basin Encompassing a Metropolitan Class City

Greg Wilke

Niobrara-White-Hat River Basin

Lyle Schroer

Little Blue River Basin

Steve Kelley

Big Blue River Basin

Jeff Steffen

Missouri Tributaries River Basin

Randy Fox

Nemaha River Basin

Mick Reynolds

Middle Platte River Basin

Kevin Fornoff

Republican River Basin

Garry Anderson

Elkhorn River Basin

Tom Mountford

Lower Platte River Basin

Keith Rexroth

South Platte River Basin

Members Appointed by Governor

John Shadle

Public Power

Larry Mohrman

Groundwater Irrigators

Thomas L. Knutson

Surface Water Irrigators

Stan Clouse

Municipal Water User from city of first or second class

Rick Kubat

Metropolitan Utilities District

LeRoy Sievers

Municipal Water User from city of primary class

Brad Dunbar

Manufacturing Interests

Scott Smathers

Outdoor Recreation Users

Devin Brundage

Public Power & Irrigation Districts

Walter Dennis Strauch

Irrigation Districts

Donald Batie

Agricultural Interests

Mark Czaplewski

Wildlife Conservation Interests


Range Livestock Owners

Dan Steinkruger

Agribusiness Interests